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Digital Learning Services (DLS) has spent the last 5 years helping organizations overcome the challenge of building capacity in low and middle-income countries through a blended approach of online and face-to-face learning experiences. DLS specializes in the art and science of building and running online courses that deliver on the promise of training and empowering professionals and building industries. DLS can help your organization design, build and run an online learning experience that will effectively train students and ensure delivery on your capacity building goals.


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Consult & Design Course

DLS has its own internal team of highly experienced learning and instructional designers, whose services include:

  • Identifying and laying out an appropriate pedagogical or learning approach for training courses;
  • Identify and define the learning outcomes and/or learning objectives for the course;
  • Define an appropriate assessment structure for the course;
  • Segment and define the modules and sub-topics of the course; and
  • Define the individual teaching and assessment elements to be created

Build Course

DLS’s design process can take your existing course content and digitize it or create a new course from scratch

  • DFI draws on instructional tools that provide students with a rich and engaging experience.
  • Working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to define the desired learning outcomes;
  • Producing instructional videos with the help of our in-house video editors
  • Designing and developing appropriate learning materials.
  • Writing and proofreading video scripts and interesting content pieces. 
  • Creating storyboards for both live action and motion graphic instructional videos.

Host & Run Course

Organizations can choose to host their own content, or they can host content on our custom-built multi language platform – Digi Campus. DLS’s operations team is well versed in the management and effective running of eLearning courses.

  • Videos will be download-able via the app, accessible, translatable and subtitled.
  • Videos are visually intuitive and easy to understand non-verbally with extensive statistics and reporting capabilities.
  • Course coaches and teaching assistants help students through each course
  • Students onboarding, administration, class coaching, student support, MIS management and monitoring to teaching assistance
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